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Vision & Values


The YC Vision
We will become a World Class supplier by redefining the regional precision fabrication industry
through our customer focus and operational excellence.


The YC Values

We are ethical and responsible in all our endeavors, all the time. We act in a manner that
demonstrates respect, honesty, loyalty and reliability.

We lead the pack. We focus on continuous improvement and do not accept the status quo.
Change is an integral part of how we operate, think and act. We adapt to the ever-changing
business climate. We set the example for others to follow.

We have been entrusted to carry on the legacy of this organization. We are part of a greater whole
and we will take pride in our history and be good stewards of what has been given to us.

We proceed in all endeavors with drive, perseverance and dedication. We believe success is a conclusion and that failure is not an option.

We cooperate with our coworkers and customers. We lend our assistance to our colleagues to
ensure our mutual success. We communicate clearly and effectively with our coworkers and
customers so that expectations are understood and met.

Customer Focus

We meet and exceed customer expectations based on our trust, reliability, and consistency.
This is demonstrated through our responsiveness and creativity.

We uphold the choices of our Company and its people. We understand that we have been
selected by our Company to work and are here by our own choice. We have a responsibility
to our Company, our customers, our coworkers and ourselves.


Let us show you how YC is A Cut Above The Rest.
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